Nirmal Chhaya

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Admission Eligibility

Age – Sixty years and above.

Admission eligibility - Should be healthy physically and mentally.

Self managing and mobile - Should not be bed ridden or needing intensive care.

Admission Procedure

Those wishing to reside in "Nirmal Chhaya" should complete and mail the application form to Mr. S. K. Bhasin, Chairperson, Nirmal Chhaya, A- 18 ASOLA, Chattarpur Mandir Road, New Delhi - 110074.

Final approval shall be taken by the managing committee of "LACHMAN DAS DEVIKI DEVI BHASIN CHARITABLE TRUST". The committee will have the final say as far as admission to the society is concerned.

Admission Formalities

Admission will be granted only after the security deposit of Rs - 50,000 is received by the society. The security deposit is refundable; it is refunded after one month of vacation of the room. Security deposit becomes the sole property of the society in case of demise of the resident.

The resident have to stay with us on the trail basis for one month. After that if both the parties are satisfied then the final admission will be granted.

On admission the individual will bear running expenditure on monthly basis, and the electricity charges will be extra as per your usage.

a) Single room – Rupees - 16,500 per month.

b) Double room (single person) Rupees - 19,500 per month.

c) Couple – Rupees - 25,000 per month.

d) Single room – temporary basis without deposit - Rupees 1,000 per day – without a/c.

e) Double room (single person) temporary basis – without deposit – Rupees 1,200 per day – without a/c.

f) Couple temporary basis – without deposit – Rupees 1,500 per day without a/c.

g) For A/C – Rupees 500 per day extra will be charged.

h) If somebody wants to stay for month or two, then they can stay without security at the rate of 25,000 per month.

i) If relative wants to share the same room of the resident, then they have to pay 500 rupees per day.

In case of any offensive behavior, commercial activity, or non payment of dues, the managing committee has a right to expel the person. Incase the sub-meter reading of electricity exceeds this value, then the resident have to pay the balance amount.

Rules & Responsibilities of Inmate

Please read Rules and Responsibilities of inmate < here >

Admission Form

Download admission form < here >

Download Rules & Responsibilities < here >

Download Format for Undertaking < here >

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