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Rules and Regulations

Rules & Responsibilities of Inmate

  1. The inmates shall be responsible for the proper upkeep of the furniture and fittings, etc. Any damage of these including the glass panes of electric fittings is to be made good by the residents concerned. No inmate shall remove any furniture or other fittings from the allotted places.
  2. The rooms will be liable to inspection by the Home Authorities at any time. These will also be open for inspection by the members of the governing body.
  3. The inmates are required to give prior intimation to the Manager / Matron before going out of the home. Any inmate requiring a night out "Night Stay" outside the home would be required to provide intimation to this effect along with the name and address of the person with whom he / she would be staying.
  4. Catering arrangement will be available to the inmates on payment basis. Membership of the mess will be compulsory. Only vegitarian food and eggs will be served.
  5. No responsibility will be taken by the home management for loss of cash or valuables or any other articles belonging to any inmate. They will themselves be responsible for the safety of their cash, valuables and other belongings.
  6. Visiting hours for the guests will be from 4.00p.m. to 7.30p.m. daily and on Sunday and Gazetted Holidays from 9.00a.m. to 12.00 noon.
  7. Inmates are not allowed to keep any pet in the premises of the home.
  8. No inmate shall be allowed to use any kind of intoxicants / drugs within the premises. No intoxicant / liquor or drugs of any kind will be allowed to be brought in the home premises.
  9. All inmates must specify a relative / next of kin residing in Delhi, who can be contacted in case of any emergency. The specified individual would be required to move the inmate from home if prolonged and contineous medical attendance is required.
  10. The electric appliances may be used by a resident. If so, they have to pay by sub meter reading by the 7th of every month along with monthly charges.
  11. A resident shall have to leave the Home on event of cancellation of License to stay due to default in payments and / or on disciplinary grounds like, '' aggressive and offensive'' behavior. regarding drunkenness and other seemly behavior. The decision of the chairperson will be final and binding.
  12. Inmate has to participate in Morning Yoga, Pranayanm & Meditation - Evening Meditation.
  13. He / She should be disciplinary to observe rules and regulations of the home.
  14. Monthly charges inclusive of meals to be paid by the 7th of each month as applicable.

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